Not having your annual office christmas party this year? Marina Glogovac from CanadaHelps tells us how you can donate the unused money to charity through a new initiative called Holiday Party Heroes. Then, a new financial startup allowing Canadians to lend and borrow from each other called goPeer. CEO Marc-Antoine Caya tells us all about it. And, the history of money and how it’s been used. Fred Kaufman takes us through his book The Money Plot: A History of Currency’s Power to Enchant, Control, and Manipulate. Plus, making the most of the Guaranteed Income Supplement with John Stapleton from Open Policy Ontario. And, our blogger spotlight series with Kara Gammell, personal finance journalist and founder of Your Best Friend’s Guide to Cash.

To find out more about the guests check out:
⦁ Marc-Antoine Caya: Twitter
⦁ goPeer: Website | Twitter | Instagram
⦁ Kara Gammell: Your Best Friend’s Guide To Cash | Twitter | Instagram| Facebook
⦁ Fred Kaufman: Facebook
⦁ CanadaHelps : Twitter | Instgram|Facebook
⦁ John Stapleton: Open Policy Ontario

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