New Baby Finances | Full Episode

How to financially plan for a new baby. Kurt Rosentreter, CPA and senior financial advisor with Manulife Securities Inc., takes us through his tips. And, how to handle unexpected money emergencies. Alyssa Davies tells us about her book Financial First Aid: Essential...

Revenge Spending: What It Is and How To Know If It’s a Problem | Full Episode

Revenge spending after a recent negative event. Personal finance journalist Zandile Chiwanza shares her tips on how to avoid it. And, selling the basic income philosophy to Gen Z. Economist and professor Evelyn Forget tells us how basic income would impact young Canadians. Then, LocalStudent, an app that connects homeowners to students looking to make some cash.  Co-founder Matt McCoy tells us all about it. Plus, I’ll speak to David Feller from Mogo about how the company is try to connect clients to actions that mitigate climate change.