Want to know how to get the most delight for your dollar? We’ll talk to Melissa Leong about her new book, Happy Go Money. Kids are expensive.  But many families pay a lot of money before they even bring their kids home, because they’re building their family through adoption.  We’ll talk to a financial advisor for some advice on how to plan when you’re pursuing adoption.  Then, how to overcome the financial hurdles many millennials face. Conor Richardson, Writer and CPA, joins us to tell us about his new book, Millennial Money Makeover. And, there’s a new season of “The Stats of Life”. Kip Spidell is here to tell us about all of the surprising financial statistics you need to know. Plus, Larry Swedroe is the co-author of Your Complete Guide to a Successful and Secure Retirement. He joins us to tell us more about this book.

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